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Towing for Fun
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Towing for Fun Most articles I’ve read about towing model gliders involve a 100cc petrol engine and a unique relationship between the tower and the person being towed. Contrary to the best write-u...
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How Do Planes Avoid Colliding?
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California link 1
The Brazilian courts ordered the detention of two American pilots on Monday, a few days after the jet they were flying crashed into a passenger liner over the Amazon jungle. Interviews with the pilots...
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BMW Shows Airbus How to Light an Airplane Ceiling
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Airbus has teamed up with BMW to create a tricked-out interior for its A350 jet that it will be showing at the Aircraft Interiors Expo 2006 in Hamburg next month. Suckers for way-cool lighting, what r...
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A pilots best friend: trim, trim, trim
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Georgia link 1
Are you a pilot and seek the secret to a smooth, easy flight? If you are forever wrestling with the controls and you have aching arms when you land, you are not using the pilots best friend - the t...
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No Fuel. No Field. No Problem?
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Texas link 1
by Ltjg. Rich Clark "Wind 290 at 10 kts, cleared for takeoff, switch to departure, monitor guard." I knew I could handle all that and more. After all, I was a veteran of three weeks of T-2C Buckeye f...
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Of Virgil and Ice
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Idaho link 1
Virgil was at his wits end. Gone was his confidence, his euphoria, his peace of mind, and most of his options for keeping his ice-laden airplane flying through the cloudy and turbulent summertime air....
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Understanding Medical Requirements For Pilot Licensing
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Pilots of all experience levels and certification types need to maintain a certain level of health to remain in the aviation industry. After all, the rigors of working long hours at thousands of feet ...
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U.S. woman selected as backup to confirmed space tourist
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MOSCOW, May 5 (RIA Novosti) - An American woman may become the first female space tourist after being chosen as backup to a Japanese man expected to blast off this fall, Russias space agency said Frid...
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